Section 376:18

    376:18 Schedules of Minimum Charges; Contracts. –
I. Every contract carrier of passengers by motor vehicle shall:
(a) Print schedules of minimum charges and, if required by the department, copies of contracts of the carrier for the transportation of passengers between points in this state;
(b) File contracts, if required, with the department;
(c) File a tariff with the department which shall include schedules of minimum charges and carrier regulations or practices affecting a charge; and
(d) Keep filed schedules and contracts posted and available for public inspection.
II. The commissioner may adopt rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, relative to:
(a) Form and content of the filing and printing;
(b) Posting of schedules and contracts; and
(c) Manner in which printed schedules and contracts are to be available for public inspection.
III. No contract carrier shall charge or receive, in any way, for any service rendered less than the charge filed with the department.
IV. Any carrier may request an exemption from the department from the requirements of RSA 376:18. The department may, in its discretion, grant relief consistent with the public interest and the policy declared in RSA 376:1.

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