Section 376:10

    376:10 Amendment, Suspension and Revocation of Certificates and Permits. –
I. Certificates and permits issued by the department under RSA 376 become effective on the date specified in the certificate or permit.
II. Certificates and permits remain in effect until suspended or revoked by the department.
III. Conditions for amendment, suspension or revocation of a certificate or permit:
(a) The department must provide notice and hearing.
(b) The department may act on its own initiative or upon application.
(c) The amendment, suspension or revocation may be in whole or in part.
(d) A certificate or permit may be amended, suspended or revoked if the holder of the permit or certificate willfully violates:
(1) Any provision of RSA 376;
(2) Rules adopted by the commissioner, pursuant to RSA 541-A, relative to RSA 376; or
(3) Any provision in a certificate or permit.
IV. If the department suspends or revokes a certificate or permit, the department shall notify the division of motor vehicles. The division of motor vehicles shall revoke or suspend the registration of each vehicle registered with the division of motor vehicles under RSA 376:24 for the period specified by the department.

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