Section 374-F:8

    374-F:8 Participation in Regional Activities. – The department shall advocate for New Hampshire interests before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other regional and federal bodies. The commission shall participate in the activities of the New England Conference of Public Utility Commissioners, and the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, and the department shall participate in the activities of the New England States Committee on Electricity, or other similar organizations, and work with the New England Independent System Operator and NEPOOL to advance the interests of New Hampshire with respect to wholesale electric issues, including policy goals relating to fuel diversity, renewable energy, and energy efficiency, and to assure nondiscriminatory open access to a safe, adequate, and reliable transmission system at just and reasonable prices. The department shall advocate against proposed regional or federal rules or policies that are inconsistent with the policies, rules, or laws of New Hampshire. In its participation in regional activities, the commission and the department shall consider how other states' policies will impact New Hampshire rates and work to prevent or minimize any rate impact the commission or department determines to be unjust or unreasonable.

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