Section 374-C:16

    374-C:16 Cooperation by State Agencies. – All officers, departments, boards, agencies, divisions and commissions of the state are hereby authorized and empowered to render any and all of such services to the bank as may be within the area of their respective governmental functions as fixed or established by law and as may be requested by the bank. All of such officers, departments, boards, agencies, divisions and commissions are authorized and directed to comply promptly with any such reasonable request by the bank as to the making of any study or review as to desirability, need, cost or expense with respect to any such energy manufacture or generation project or improvement, or the financial feasibility thereof or the financial or fiscal responsibility or ability in connection therewith of any public utility making application for loan to the bank and for the purchase by the bank of utility bonds to be issued by such public utility. The cost and expense of any services requested by the bank shall, at the request of the officer, department, board, agency, division or commission rendering such service, be met and provided for by the bank.

Source. 1979, 498:2, eff. Sept. 4, 1979.