Chapter 358-M

Section 358-M:1

    358-M:1 Provision of Credit Card Number or Expiration Date Not Required. –
I. A person shall not require as a condition of acceptance of a check or share draft, or as a means of identification, that the person presenting the check provide a credit card number or expiration date, or both.
II. This section shall not prohibit a person from requesting a purchaser to display a credit card as indicia of credit worthiness and financial responsibility or as additional identification, but the only information concerning a credit card which may be recorded is the type of credit card so displayed and the issuer of the credit card. This section does not require acceptance of a check or share a draft whether or not a credit card is presented.
III. This section does not prohibit a person from requesting or receiving a credit card number of expiration date and recording the number or date, or both, in lieu of a deposit to secure payment in event of default, loss, damage, or other occurrence.
IV. No liability shall be imposed under this section on an employee acting in accordance with the directions of his employer.

Source. 1991, 65:1, eff. Jan. 1, 1992.