Chapter 340

Section 340:1, 340:2.

    340:1, 340:2. Repealed by 1959, 247:2, eff. July 1, 1961. –

Notice of Sale of Bulky Articles

Section 340:3

    340:3 Memorandum; Record. – Constructive notice may be given of a sale of grain, threshed or unthreshed, straw, corn-fodder, hay, flax, potatoes, leaf tobacco, lumber, bark, wood or other fuel, bricks, stones, lime, gypsum, ore, manufacturing or other machinery, or hides in the process of tanning, by written memorandum signed by the vendor and vendee describing the property, its location and the consideration of such sale, and containing an affidavit as provided in RSA 340:4, and causing the same to be filed in the office of the secretary of state or in the registry of deeds, as the case may be, where filing is required to perfect a security interest in such goods under RSA 382-A:9-501.

Source. 1895, 22:1. PL 216:39. RL 262:45. RSA 340:3. 1959, 247:2. 2001, 102:31, eff. July 1, 2001.

Section 340:4

    340:4 Affidavit. – Such vendor and vendee shall make and subscribe an affidavit in substance as follows: We severally swear that the foregoing memorandum is made for the purpose of witnessing the sale and the consideration therefor, and for no other purpose whatever; that the amount therein stated is the true consideration, and has been actually paid by the vendee to the vendor as specified in said memorandum; and that said sale was not made for the purpose of enabling the parties to execute said memorandum, but was an honest transaction entered into in good faith between said parties.

Source. 1895, 22:2. PL 216:40. RL 262:46.