Manufacture, Sale, Etc., of Bedding

Section 339:66

    339:66 Duty, Department of Health and Human Services. – The department of health and human services, whenever there is reason to believe that any provision hereof is being violated in any factory, shop, warehouse, store or other place, shall cause an investigation of such place to be made, and for this purpose any member or duly authorized employee of said department may enter such building or other place at all reasonable times. If, upon investigation, mattresses, pillows, cushions, muff beds, quilts or similar articles, or materials for use in the manufacture, remaking or renovating of the same, shall there be found, which have been previously used in or about a hospital, or on or about the person of anyone having an infectious or contagious disease, such materials or articles, whether manufactured, remade or renovated or in process thereof, shall be marked by the department with labels bearing the word unclean in conspicuous letters, and the department, with or without notice to the owner or supposed owner, may order the removal and destruction of the said materials or articles or make such other order relating thereto as the circumstances of the case require.

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