Section 339-C:3

    339-C:3 Supplier's Disclosure to Dealer. –
A supplier shall disclose in writing to any prospective dealer the following information, before any agreement is concluded:
I. The gallonage volume history, if any, of the location under negotiation for and during the 3 year period immediately past or for the entire period which the location has been supplied by the supplier, whichever is shorter.
II. The name and last known address of the previous dealers for the last 3 years, or for the entire period during which the location has been supplied by the supplier, whichever is shorter, and the reason for the termination of each dealer's agreement.
III. Any legally binding commitments for the sale, demolition or other disposition of the location in effect prior to the termination date of the agreement.
IV. The training programs, if any, and the specific goods and services the supplier will provide without cost to the dealer.
V. Full disclosure of any and all obligations which will be required of the dealer, including, but not limited to, any obligation to exclusively deal in any of the products of the supplier, its subsidiaries or any other company or any advertising and promotional items that the dealer must accept.
VI. Full disclosure of all restrictions on the sale, transfer, renewal and termination of the agreement.

Source. 1974, 24:1, eff. June 1, 1974.