Chapter 302

Section 302:1

    302:1 Definitions. – The term association as used in this chapter shall include any association, lodge, order, fraternal society, beneficial association, or fraternal and beneficial society or association, historical, military, or veterans' organization, labor union, foundation, federation, or any other society, organization or association, degree, branch, subordinate lodge, or auxiliary thereof, whether incorporated or unincorporated, the principles and activities of which are not repugnant to the constitution and laws of the United States or this state. The term insignia as used herein shall include a name, badge, motto, button, decoration, charm, emblem, rosette, or other insignia.

Source. 1929, 110:1. RL 185:1.

Section 302:2

    302:2 Registration of Insignia. – Any association may register, in the office of the secretary of state, a facsimile or description of its insignia and may, by reregistration, alter or cancel the same.

Source. 1929, 110:2. RL 185:2.

Section 302:3

    302:3 Application. – Application for such registration or reregistration shall be made by the chief officer or officers of said association upon blanks to be provided by the secretary of state and such registration shall be for the use, benefit, and on behalf of all degrees, branches, subordinate lodges and auxiliaries of said association and the individual members thereof throughout the state. In case of registration or reregistration of a facsimile, 2 copies of the same shall accompany the application.

Source. 1929, 110:3. RL 185:3.

Section 302:4

    302:4 Record. – The secretary of state shall keep a properly indexed record of the registrations provided for herein which record shall also show any altered or canceled registration.

Source. 1929, 110:4. RL 185:4.

Section 302:5

    302:5 Prohibited Registration. – No registration shall be granted or alteration permitted to any association having an insignia similar to, imitating, or so nearly resembling as to be calculated to deceive, any other insignia already registered under the provisions hereof.

Source. 1929, 110:5. RL 185:5.

Section 302:6

    302:6 Certificate. – Upon the registration as herein provided the secretary of state shall issue to the petitioners a certificate evidencing such registration.

Source. 1929, 110:6. RL 185:6.

Section 302:7

    302:7 Penalty. – Any person who shall wilfully wear, exhibit, display, print, or use, for any purpose, the insignia of any such association duly registered hereunder unless he shall be entitled to wear and use the same under the constitution and bylaws, rules, and regulations of such association, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Source. 1929, 110:7. RL 185:7. RSA 302:7. 1973, 528:193, eff. Oct. 31, 1973 at 11:59 p.m.

Section 302:8

    302:8 Fees. – The fee for each registration or reregistration provided for herein shall be $1.

Source. 1929, 110:8. RL 185:8.