Youth Training and Employment in Firefighting

Section 276-A:24

    276-A:24 Minimum Training Requirements. –
I. Youths shall successfully complete an initial course of basic wild land fire training as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association and as offered by the department of natural and cultural resources, division of forest and lands, along with training on the use of communications equipment and fire extinguishers.
II. Upon the successful completion of the training requirements under paragraph I, the youth shall complete the fire standards and training firefighter level 1 course in accordance with rules adopted by the department of safety.
III. Initial training shall qualify a youth to perform non-hazardous firefighting duties such as scouting on the ground, fire line construction, mopping up, and permitted use of non-motorized equipment such as back pack pumps, hand tools, hoses, and radio equipment. This training shall not qualify a youth to perform hazardous duties, including operation of motorized equipment such as motor vehicles, bulldozers, tractors and pumps, or serving as a traffic director.

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