Day's Work; Days of Rest

Section 275:35

    275:35 Exceptions. –
RSA 275:32 and 33 shall not apply to the following employees:
I. Janitors, watchmen, firemen employed at stationary plants, or caretakers.
II. Employees whose duties on Sunday include only setting sponges in bakeries; caring for live animals or caring for machinery and plant equipment.
III. Employees engaged in the preparation, printing, publication, sale or delivery of newspapers, or periodicals with definite on-sale newsstand dates.
IV. Employees engaged in farm or personal service.
V. Employees engaged in any labor called for by an emergency which could not reasonably have been anticipated.
VI. Employees engaged in the canning of perishable goods.
VII. Employees engaged in any work connected with retail stores in resort areas; cabins and inns; and in theatres, motion picture houses, hotels and restaurants.
VIII. Employees of telegraph and telephone offices.
IX. Employees of a recreation camp or a youth skill camp licensed pursuant to RSA 170-E:56.

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