Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program

Section 265-A:36-a

    265-A:36-a Department of Safety Authority to Order Ignition Interlock Device Installation. – The commissioner of safety may require an administrative hearing for a person whose license or driving privilege was revoked or suspended pursuant to RSA 262:19 or RSA 630:2, III, where alcohol was involved, or as the result of a conviction of any offense under RSA 265-A:2, RSA 265-A:3, or RSA 265:79-a where alcohol was involved, or RSA 630:3, II, and, upon a finding that the safety of the person and of other users of the highways would be enhanced thereby, may order the person, as a condition of restoration of his or her license or driving privilege, to install an enhanced technology ignition interlock device in any vehicle registered to that person or used by that person, for not less than 12 months nor more than 2 years, subject to the same conditions and prohibitions as if the interlock was ordered by a court under the provisions of this subdivision. Where possible, the hearing shall be conducted prior to the restoration of the license or driving privilege, although such restoration shall not prevent the commissioner from requiring the hearing.

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