Section 239:4

    239:4 General Powers. –
COAST shall have the following powers:
I. To sue and be sued;
II. To adopt and have an official seal;
III. To adopt such bylaws and rules as necessary to exercise the powers and perform the duties under this chapter;
IV. To adopt rules governing the use, operation, and maintenance of the system and to determine all routings and alter the same at pleasure;
V. To acquire, hold, use, and dispose of its income, revenues, funds, and moneys; and to deposit any moneys of COAST in accordance with the general laws of the state of New Hampshire;
VI. To appoint and employ officers, attorneys, engineers, consultants, agents, and employees as required to carry out the purposes of COAST and to determine their qualifications, terms of office, duties, and compensation, all without regard to the provisions of RSA 98. COAST may require bonds of its officers or employees;
VII. To rent, lease, hold, use, and dispose of the system or any part of the system;
VIII. To apply for and accept gifts, loans, or grants of property, funds, money, materials, labor, supplies, or services from the United States of America or the state of New Hampshire or its agencies or departments or any person, municipality, county, or firm, or corporation, and to carry out the terms or provisions or make agreements with respect to any such gifts, loans, or grants, and to do any and all things necessary, useful, desirable, or convenient in connection with procuring, accepting, or disposing of such gifts, loans, or grants;
IX. To make, enter into, and enforce all contracts or agreements with any department or agency of the United States of America or of the state of New Hampshire or any public corporation, or quasi-public corporation or any individual, necessary, convenient, or desirable for the purposes of COAST; and
X. To fix rates, fares, tolls, charges, rents, or other charges for the use of its system and may alter or change them at pleasure.

Source. 1985, 185:1, eff. July 27, 1985.