Section 239-A:5

    239-A:5 Contracts Made by CART. –
I. CART may enter into contracts and agreements which it considers to be in the interests of its public purposes with any person or persons, with any public or quasi-public corporation with any state, and with the United States and any department or agency thereof. It may enter into agreements for the joint use of any property and rights by CART and by any public utility operating any transportation facilities; agreements with any public utility operating any transportation facilities either within or without the service area for the joint use of any property of CART or public utility, or the establishment of through routes, joint fares, and transfer of passengers; and agreement with any person, or public corporation or quasi-public corporation for the maintenance, servicing, storage, operation, or use of any transit facility, property, or equipment on such basis as shall seem to CART consonant with its public purposes.
II. CART may make contracts, leases, and agreements with any department or agency of the United States of America or of the state of New Hampshire, or with any person, municipality, county, or labor union, and may generally perform all acts necessary for the full exercise of the powers vested in it. CART may acquire rolling stock or other property under conditional sales contracts, leases, equipment trust certificates, or any other form of contracts, leases, equipment, trust certificates, or any other form of contract or trust agreement. Contracts may be let by an officer, employee, or agent of CART in such manner as may be authorized from time to time by CART.

Source. 2005, 116:1, eff. Aug. 14, 2005.