Section 239-A:3

    239-A:3 Board of Directors. –
I. The board of directors of CART may include but is not limited to the following representatives:
(a) One to 3 representatives from each town served by CART, determined as follows based upon the most recent decennial census. Each municipality which shall become a member of CART shall be entitled to one representative on said board. A municipality with a population of over 10,000 but less than 25,000 shall be entitled to have 2 representatives on said board, and a municipality with a population of over 25,000 shall be entitled to have 3 representatives on said board;
(b) One from each of the 3 human service agencies providing transportation in the CART service area and participating in the regional transit brokerage system;
(c) One from the Rockingham planning commission, the Nashua regional planning commission, and the southern New Hampshire planning commission;
(d) One from the department of transportation;
(e) One, non-voting, from the United States Department of Transportation, Region 1, Federal Transit Administration.
II. It is the responsibility of the entities described above to identify and appoint the members. Each entity in paragraph I of this section may appoint an alternate who will serve if a board member is absent. The board of directors shall hold office for 2 years. All initial appointments shall be regarded as having begun on the day of the annual meeting.
III. Annually, the board of directors shall elect one of its members as chairperson and another as vice chairperson. The directors shall elect a secretary and a treasurer who shall also be board members, and the same person may serve both as secretary and as treasurer. The officers shall be elected by majority vote.
IV. The directors shall serve without compensation.

Source. 2005, 116:1, eff. Aug. 14, 2005.