Scenic and Cultural Byways System

Section 238:24

    238:24 Advertising Devices on Scenic and Cultural Byways. –
Notwithstanding any provisions of law to the contrary, advertising devices as defined in RSA 236:70, I, shall not be erected on any primary system highway that has been designated as a scenic and cultural byway, provided that:
I. The council shall remove any scenic and cultural byway designation, highway sections that:
(a) Have no scenic or cultural value; and
(b) Have been designated or would be designated solely to preserve system continuity.
II. Nothing in this section shall preclude the council from removing from any scenic and cultural byway designation, highway sections that are adjacent to property that is used for intensive commercial or industrial purposes. In this section, "intensive" means an area containing more than 5 zoned commercial or industrial activities located within one continuous mile.
III. Advertising devices erected before the effective date of this section may be maintained.
IV. On-premise signs, as defined in RSA 236:73, III, and directional, informational, or official signs, as defined under RSA 236:73, IV, may be erected and/or maintained.

Source. 1995, 106:3, eff. June 15, 1995.