Scenic and Cultural Byways System

Section 238:19

    238:19 Purpose. –
I. The scenic and cultural byways system is established to provide the opportunity for residents and visitors to travel a system of byways which feature the scenic and cultural qualities of the state within the existing highway system, promote retention of rural and urban scenic byways, support the cultural, recreational and historic attributes along these byways and expose the unique elements of the state's beauty, culture and history.
II. It is the intent of the general court that the scenic and cultural assets of the byways will be respected, that the rights of individual property owners shall be preserved, and that nothing in this subdivision shall be interpreted to preempt any land and zoning authority granted to municipalities under title LXIV.
III. It shall be a process of state and local identification of scenic and cultural byways that shall build a statewide system. However, nothing in this subdivision shall restrict a municipality from designating scenic byways within its jurisdiction, require that such designated scenic byways be nominated for inclusion in the New Hampshire scenic and cultural byways system, or require that the scenic and cultural byways council accept such locally designated scenic byway into the system.

Source. 1992, 160:1. 1995, 105:1, eff. July 15, 1995.