Turnpike Renewal and Replacement Accounts

Section 237:50

    237:50 Acquisition; Authority Granted. –
I. The department of transportation, acting by and on behalf of the state, is hereby authorized to convey to the bureau of turnpikes, and the bureau of turnpikes is authorized to acquire from the state, a portion of Interstate Route 95 in the city of Portsmouth for the sum of $120,000,000 and on such other terms and provisions as the commissioner of transportation and the bureau of turnpikes determine are reasonable or necessary to complete the acquisition. The bureau of turnpikes is authorized to acquire, expand, and make improvements to the eastern New Hampshire turnpike from the northerly expansion joint of the Interstate Route 95 bridge over the Spaulding turnpike, U.S. Route 4, and N.H. Route 16 (bridge No. 197/122) north to a point on the New Hampshire-Maine boundary in the city of Portsmouth, such improvements to include the installation of open road tolling for the toll on Interstate Route 95 in Hampton.
II. The bureau of turnpikes shall operate and maintain this section of highway, which shall become part of the eastern New Hampshire turnpike under RSA 237:17 and the Blue Star memorial highway under RSA 237:18.
III. Acquisition and expansion of the eastern New Hampshire turnpike system for $120,000,000 plus interest shall be at the state borrowing rate to be paid over a maximum 20-year term to the highway fund from the New Hampshire turnpike system reserve account as follows: $30,000,000 in fiscal year 2010, $20,000,000 in fiscal year 2011, and the balance to be paid under terms and conditions to be determined by the commissioner of transportation and the state treasurer.
IV. The high level bridge on Interstate Route 95 over the Piscataqua River is eligible for federal funds and state highway funds. In the event of emergency repairs or repair to damage from a catastrophic event, the department of transportation, rather than the bureau of turnpikes, shall remain liable for such repairs to the high level bridge.

Source. 2009, 144:76, eff. July 1, 2009.