Regional Electronic Toll Collection

Section 237:16-g

    237:16-g Additional Uses of E-Z Pass System. –
The commissioner may approve the use of the E-Z Pass system for the payment of non-toll based financial obligations voluntarily incurred by an account holder, provided that:
I. The financial obligation has been incurred for a purpose approved by the department pursuant to RSA 237:16-d, or the Interagency Group pursuant to procedures adopted in accordance with RSA 237:16-c.
II. The business entity to be paid through the system has entered into a written agreement with the department, or another member of the Interagency Group, agreeing to be bound by:
(a) All of the practices, procedures, and policies of the department or the Interagency Group;
(b) The requirements for confidentiality of information regarding the vehicle, the vehicle owner, and vehicle occupants under RSA 237:16-e;
(c) All applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and rules regulating the consumer credit transaction between the business entity and the account holder; and
(d) A process for the resolution of disputed charges with account holders, which includes an agreement to hold the department and its agents harmless for the payment of any unpaid financial obligation to the business entity incurred by the account holder through the E-Z Pass system.
III. The account holder has, as a result of signing a written account holder agreement prior to incurring charges on the account:
(a) Agreed to be liable for payment of such obligations in accordance with the terms of the agreement;
(b) Been provided with notice of all current policies regarding the sharing of information regarding the account and transactions incurred through the E-Z Pass system; and
(c) Been provided with notice of procedures available to resolve disputes arising from transactions incurred through the E-Z Pass system.
IV. The department may establish reasonable fees to be charged to account holders and business entities participating in this program, and to recover costs of administration, enforcement, and improvement of the E-Z Pass system. Such fees shall be deposited in the turnpike fund.

Source. 2004, 19:1, eff. June 4, 2004.