Regional Electronic Toll Collection

Section 237:16-e

    237:16-e Confidentiality of Records. – Notwithstanding RSA 91-A or any other provision of law, all information received by the department that could serve to identify vehicles, vehicle owners, vehicle occupants, or account holders in any electronic toll collection system in use in this state shall be for the exclusive use of the department for the sole purpose of administering the electronic toll collection system, and shall not be open to any other organization or person, nor be used in any court in any action or proceeding, unless the action or proceeding relates to the imposition of or indemnification for liability pursuant to this subdivision. The department may make such information available to another organization or person in the course of its administrative duties, only on the condition that the organization or person receiving such information is subject to the limitations set forth in this section. For the purposes of this section, administration or administrative duties shall not include marketing, soliciting existing account holders to participate in additional services, taking polls, or engaging in other similar activities for any purpose. The use and release of all information obtained from the department of safety pursuant to RSA 260:14, III-a, shall be governed by RSA 260:14.

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