Regional Electronic Toll Collection

Section 237:16-c

    237:16-c E-Z Pass Operations Interagency Agreement. –
I. The commissioner shall represent the state as a member of the Interagency Group and shall participate in the determination of practices, policies, procedures, and in the selection of equipment and contractors used to provide consistent toll collections throughout the region in accordance with the terms of the Interagency Agreement for Operations, as the same may be amended from time to time.
II. Notwithstanding the variations in physical and operating characteristics of member agencies' toll collection equipment, it shall be the power and duty of the Interagency Group to assure that similar operating parameters and procedures are established to provide for consistent, safe E-Z Pass operation throughout the region.
III. This agreement shall be construed liberally to accomplish its purposes, but in the event a dispute arises, it shall be resolved in accordance with a provision establishing a procedure for the arbitration and resolution of disputes contained in the agreement.
IV. The commissioner may enter into discussions with other state jurisdictions to create reciprocal agreements for the enforcement and collection of tolls and administrative fees due. The departments of transportation and safety may release driver's and owner's information to other jurisdictions for the purpose of enforcement or collection of tolls and may take such other action as is necessary to effectuate the reciprocal toll collection enforcement agreements.
V. For effective toll collection enforcement, the department of transportation and the department of safety may accept a request from another state to deny registration renewal privileges for a vehicle registration plate in accordance with RSA 263:56-f for unpaid tolls incurred in the other state, provided that the other state represents that the request is in keeping with criteria for denial of registration renewal privileges as set forth in the states' respective reciprocal toll collection enforcement agreement. Any costs incurred for the implementation of software to effectuate reciprocal toll collection enforcement agreements shall be reimbursed from the turnpike fund.

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