Regional Electronic Toll Collection

Section 237:16-a

    237:16-a Definitions. –
In this subdivision:
I. "Commissioner" means the commissioner of the department of transportation.
II. "Department" means the department of transportation.
III. "Interagency toll collection system" means a system for electronically transmitting information from a device to receiving equipment in a toll lane, which information is used to charge a valid account holder the appropriate toll or charge for use of the turnpike system.
IV. "E-Z Pass" means a regional system of electronic toll collection operated by the members of the E-Z Pass Interagency Group, or when the context requires, means the registered service mark "E-Z Pass."
V. "Interagency group" means the agencies of this or any other state that have mutually agreed to operate the E-Z Pass regional interagency toll collection system by use of similar practices, procedures, and toll collection equipment.
VI. "Toll lane" means electronic and/or cash lanes, or electronic lanes with no cash option.

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