Section 237:12

    237:12 Exemption From Tolls. –
I. The following motor vehicles shall be granted toll-free use of any section of the New Hampshire turnpike system:
(a) Motor vehicles bearing plates with the state seal as authorized under RSA 261:90.
(b) All vehicles with permanent plates as authorized under RSA 261:92.
(c) Military vehicles of the state and federal governments.
(d) Emergency vehicles going to and returning from their duties.
II. The commissioner of the department of safety may request electronic toll collection equipment from the department of transportation for unmarked vehicles of the New Hampshire state police and undercover vehicles of the department of justice not displaying permanent plates. Accounting procedures for such electronic toll collection equipment shall be established by the commissioner of the department of transportation.
III. The commissioner of the department of transportation shall issue appropriate identification for turnpike employees and employees of state liquor stores on the turnpike, when said employees have to use the turnpike to get to their places of employment. Such identification shall permit toll-free use of the New Hampshire turnpike system only to the extent required by an employee covered in this paragraph to get to and from his place of employment.
IV. The commissioner of the department of transportation may grant, at his discretion, toll-free use of the turnpike system to any person he deems appropriate, by providing proper identification to such person; provided, however, for those persons granted toll-free use pursuant to this paragraph, the commissioner shall propose legislation for consideration at the next session of the general court. If such legislation is not enacted into law, such exemption shall expire at the end of that particular session.

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