Outdoor Advertising

Section 236:72

    236:72 Permits. –
No advertising device other than such a device described in RSA 236:73, III, IV and V shall be erected or maintained in a federal highway or turnpike adjacent area without a permit issued by the commissioner of transportation. Application for a permit or renewal of a permit shall contain the name and residence or principal business address of the applicant, the location of the device to be permitted and its size, excluding border and trim, base or apron, supports and other structural members, the number of faces carrying advertising, a signed statement of the owner of the property upon which the device to be permitted is or will be located that he has consented to such device, the amount of rental compensation being paid to the said owner, and such other reasonable information or requirements as the commissioner may require. However, on an application for renewal of a permit the commissioner may waive the requirement for furnishing a signed consent statement from the owner of the property on which the device is located. Permits shall expire on April 1 following the date of issue and fees shall not be prorated. Applications for renewal of a permit shall be filed prior to March 15 preceding expiration of the permit. Only one permit shall be required for double face or v-type devices, but fees shall be charged with respect to each face used for advertising. Advertising copy may be changed at any time without requiring a new permit. Applications for a permit or renewal of a permit shall be granted except as provided in RSA 236:78, and each application shall be accompanied by fees in accordance with the following schedule:
I. For sign faces of 50 square feet or less, $50.
II. For sign faces of more than 50 square feet but less than 350 square feet, $75.
III. For sign faces of 350 square feet or more, $100.
All fees collected hereunder shall be deposited in the highway fund.

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