Outdoor Advertising

Section 236:71

    236:71 Licenses. – No person shall erect or maintain more than 10 advertising devices in federal highway or turnpike adjacent areas other than such devices described in RSA 236:73, III, IV and V without first obtaining a license from the commissioner of transportation. The fee for such license shall be paid annually in advance. The fee for persons erecting or maintaining 50 or more advertising devices shall be $150 and for persons erecting or maintaining less than 50 but more than 10 such devices, the fee shall be $100. An application for a license or renewal of a license shall contain the name and residence or principal address of the applicant and such other reasonable information as the commissioner may from time to time require and shall be accompanied by the annual fee. Licenses granted under this section shall expire on April 1 following the date of issue, and fees therefor shall not be prorated. All applications for renewal of licenses shall be filed with the commissioner on or prior to March 15 preceding their expiration. Applications for a license or renewal of a license shall be granted except as otherwise provided in RSA 236:78. All fees collected hereunder shall be deposited in the highway fund.

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