Drive-In Theatres

Section 236:51

    236:51 Provisions of Permit. – Said commissioner, with the advice of the director of the division of motor vehicles of the department of safety and director of the division of state police of the department of safety, may issue a permit in each case containing such requirements and provisions as will protect the safety of the traveling public. He may provide that the screen of a drive-in theatre be so placed as will prevent the view of the picture face of same from said highways or provide that suitable screening be placed as will obstruct said view if topography does not allow such placement. He may provide that in any location where the free flow of traffic from the highway to a drive-in theatre is prevented by the operation of ticket sellers, parking attendants or in any other manner, there shall be provided an adequate storage area for vehicles between the highway pavement and the location of ticket booths, parking area, or other cause of traffic stoppage and delay, to prevent backing up of vehicles on the highway pavement. He may provide that traffic control devices or warning signals be installed, meeting his approval, located within the establishment as well as similar devices controlling the state highway. Application for permit by the owner or owners shall be made at least 60 days before proposed construction. A plot plan of proposed establishment shall be included with the application for said permit.

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