Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Section 236:132

    236:132 Definitions. –
In this subdivision:
I. "Battery electric vehicle" means any vehicle that operates solely by use of a battery or battery pack, or that is powered primarily through the use of an electric battery or battery pack and uses a flywheel or capacitor that stores energy produced by an electric motor or through regenerative braking to assist in vehicle operation.
II. "Electric vehicle" means any battery electric vehicle, fuel cell electric vehicle, or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.
III. "Fuel cell electric vehicle" means any vehicle that operates solely by use of a hydrogen fuel cell.
IV. "Hybrid electric vehicle" means a motor vehicle that allows power to be delivered to the driver wheels solely by a battery-powered electric motor that also incorporates the use of a combustion engine to provide power to the battery, or any vehicle that allows power to be delivered to the driver wheels by either a combustion engine or by a battery-powered electric motor, or both.
V. "Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle" means a hybrid electric vehicle that has the capability to charge the battery or batteries used for vehicle propulsion from an off-vehicle electric source, such that the off-vehicle source cannot be connected to the vehicle while the vehicle is in motion.
VI. "Electronic vehicle charging station" means an electric component or cluster of component assemblies designed specifically to charge an electric vehicle battery by transferring electric energy to a battery or a storage device in the vehicle.
VII. "Public electric vehicle charging station" means a charging station, electric recharging point, charging point, or electric vehicle supply equipment, which is an element in an infrastructure that supplies electricity for the recharging of plug-in electric vehicles, including all-electric cars, neighborhood electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrids, and which allows any electric vehicle owner or operator to access and use the charging station, located at a publicly available parking space.
VIII. "Publicly available parking space" means a parking space that has been designated by a property owner or lessee to be available to, and accessibly by, the public and may include on-street parking spaces and parking spaces in surface lots or parking garages, but shall not include: (a) a parking space that is part of, or associated with, a private residence; (b) a parking space that is reserved for the exclusive use of an individual driver or vehicle or for a group of drivers or vehicles, such as employees, tenants, visitors, or residents of a common interest development, or residents of an adjacent building; or (c) a parking space reserved for persons who are blind and persons with walking disabilities as defined in RSA 259:124.

Source. 2018, 262:1, eff. Aug. 11, 2018.