Motor Vehicle Recycling Yards and Junk Yards

Section 236:123

    236:123 Fencing. – Before use, a new junk yard or automotive recycling yard shall be completely surrounded with a solidly constructed fence at least 6 feet in height which substantially screens the area and with a suitable gate which shall be closed and locked except during the working hours of the junk yard or automotive recycling yard or when the applicant or his agent is within. All motor vehicles and parts stored or deposited by the applicant shall be kept within the enclosure of the junk yard or automotive recycling yard except as removal is necessary for its transportation in the reasonable course of the business. All wrecking or other work on such motor vehicles and parts and all burning of vehicles shall be accomplished within the enclosure. Where the topography, natural growth of timber, a natural barrier, or other considerations accomplish the purposes of this subdivision in whole or in part, the fencing requirements hereunder may be reduced by the local governing body, upon granting the license. Any citizen of the municipality may apply for writ of certiorari to the superior court for the county in which the new junk yard or automotive recycling yard is located to review the action of the local governing body.

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