Excavations and Driveways

Section 236:10

    236:10 Regulations; Bond. – The person or entity giving such written permission may make rules and regulations to govern the excavation and restoration of such highway and may require that a bond satisfactory to such person or entity be furnished to the state, city, or town providing for the satisfactory restoration of the highway. The bond requirements shall be equitably and reasonably applied to other bonded vehicles using the highway. The type of commodity being transported shall not be the determining factor for requiring a bond or the dollar amount of the bond. The person or entity providing the bond shall determine the type of bond furnished and it may be in the form of cash, letter of credit from a bank or lending institution licensed in New Hampshire and acceptable to the person giving written permission, or a bond furnished by an insurance company. The person or entity granting permission shall not arbitrarily withhold funds from any cash bond or letter of credit, but shall first make a good faith effort to resolve any differences with the contractor doing the excavation or restoration.

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