Duty to Construct and Maintain Bridges

Section 234:5-a

    234:5-a Bridge Replacement or Rehabilitation and Bridge Aid Funds. –
In order to accommodate the early replacement or rehabilitation and lowest cost for municipal bridges that have been closed to vehicular traffic due to safety concerns, cities and towns may request the closed bridge be placed on the schedule for bridge aid funds from the state at the time of closure. If any municipal bridge is replaced or rehabilitated by the city or town at its cost prior to bridge aid funds being available, the state funding may come at a later date according to the bridge aid schedule provided that:
I. The bridge was closed in accordance with department of transportation recommendations;
II. The bridge is on the schedule for bridge aid funds;
III. The bridge design is approved by the department of transportation;
IV. Bridge aid funds are available in the year the bridge is scheduled to be replaced or rehabilitated; and
V. The city or town agrees it has no legal or financial claim against the state if funds are not available in the year of the schedule for the bridge aid.

Source. 2014, 37:1, eff. July 26, 2014.