Red List Bridges

Section 234:25-a

    234:25-a Red List Bridges. –
I. The commissioner of transportation shall establish and maintain a list of highway bridges that are found, after inspection by the department, to be structurally deficient, which shall be known as red list bridges. This list shall also include structurally deficient state-owned railroad bridges over highways.
II. Separate red lists shall be established and maintained for state-owned bridges and for bridges owned by municipalities.
III. Both red lists under paragraph II shall specify whether a bridge is structurally deficient. The department of transportation shall number and prioritize all state-owned red list bridges relative to the need for repair or replacement.
IV. Any red list bridge that is closed as a result of a department of transportation recommendation shall remain on the red list along with the date of closure and the reason it was closed. Red list bridges shall be removed from the red list when the department certifies that the bridge has been satisfactorily repaired or replaced, or the department permanently closes any state-owned red list bridge, or when the governing body of the municipality permanently closes any municipally-owned red list bridge.
V. In this chapter, a structurally deficient bridge means a bridge with a primary element in poor or worse condition (National Bridge Inventory (NBI) rating of 4 or less).

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