Laying Out Highways

Section 231:21-a

    231:21-a Uniform Provisions Governing Class VI Highways. –
All class VI highways, whether such class VI status resulted from a layout pursuant to RSA 231:21, a discontinuance subject to gates and bars pursuant to RSA 231:45, or by the failure of the town to maintain and repair such highway in suitable condition for travel thereon for 5 successive years or more as set forth in RSA 229:5, VII, shall be subject to the following provisions:
I. All such highways shall be deemed subject to gates and bars; provided, however, that any gates or bars maintained by private land owners shall be erected so as not to prevent or interfere with public use of the highway, and shall be capable of being opened and reclosed by highway users. The selectmen may regulate such structures to assure such public use, and may cause to be removed any gates or bars which fall into disrepair or otherwise interfere with public use of the highway.
II. Even though, as set forth in RSA 231:93, class VI highways are not subject to any municipal duty of care or maintenance, the municipality shall have the same regulatory authority over such highways as is the case with class V highways, including but not limited to the authority to regulate their use pursuant to RSA 41:11 and RSA 47:17, VII, VIII and XVIII, to regulate the excavation or disturbance of such highways pursuant to RSA 236:9 through 236:11, to regulate driveways and other access pursuant to RSA 236:13, and to establish weight limits pursuant to RSA 231:191.

Source. 1999, 113:1, eff. Aug. 9, 1999.