Lines of Telegraph and Other Companies in Highways

Section 231:168

    231:168 Interference With Travel. – The location of poles and structures and of underground conduits and cables by the selectmen shall be made so far as reasonably possible so that the same and the attachments and appurtenances thereto will not interfere with the safe, free and convenient use for public travel of the highway or of any private way leading therefrom to adjoining premises or with the use of such premises or of any other similar property of another licensee. The location of any such pole or structure or underground conduit or cable, when designated by the selectmen pursuant to the provisions of this subdivision shall be conclusive as to the right of the licensee to construct and maintain the same in the place located without liability to others except as is expressly provided in RSA 231:175 and 231:176. In no event shall any town or city or any official or employee thereof or of the department of transportation be under liability by reason of the death of or damages sustained by any person or to any property occasioned by or resulting from the location, construction, or maintenance of any pole, structure, conduit, cable, wire, or other apparatus in any highway, pursuant to the provisions of this subdivision.

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