Trees and Roadside Growth

Section 231:146

    231:146 Notice. – Notice to the abutting landowner of a tree declared a public nuisance shall be given by delivery at his place of residence or by sending by registered mail to his last known address and it shall clearly state the intention of removal of such tree. He may appeal to the superior court as to the validity of such declaration within 30 days of delivery or mailing of said notice, and shall be entitled to a speedy hearing. The final judgment upon every appeal shall be a decree dismissing the appeal, or vacating the declaration complained of in whole or in part, as the case may be; but in case such declaration is wholly or partly vacated the court may also, at its discretion, remand the matter to the said department, city, county, or town for such further proceedings, not inconsistent with the decree, as justice may require. Following expiration of the aforesaid 30-day period of appeal, or following waiver of said right of appeal, the abutting landowner is relieved of any liability or responsibility in connection with the tree or trees declared a public nuisance and similarly is relieved of any liability or responsibility in connection with any stump or stumps left remaining.

Source. RSA 253:6-b. 1959, 135:1. 1981, 87:1, eff. April 20, 1981.