Trees and Roadside Growth

Section 231:144

    231:144 Removal of Trees. – Whoever desires the cutting and removal in whole or in part of any public shade or ornamental tree owned by the city or town may apply to the tree warden, who shall give a public hearing, upon the application, at some suitable time and place, after publishing and posting notices of the hearing in 2 or more public places in town and also upon the tree or trees which it is desired to cut and remove; provided, that the tree warden may, if he or she deems it expedient, grant permission for such cutting or removal, without a hearing, if the tree in question is on a public way outside of the residential part of the town limits, such residential part to be determined by the tree warden. No tree within such residential limit shall be cut by the tree warden, except to trim it, or removed by the tree warden, without such hearing. The decision of the tree warden shall be subject to review as provided for by the governing body.

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