Trees and Roadside Growth

Section 231:139

    231:139 Tree Wardens. –
I. A city or town may provide for the appointment of a tree warden or wardens. A tree warden shall be a person known to be interested in planting, pruning, and preserving shade and ornamental trees and shrubs in public ways, village commons, parks, cemeteries, and other public grounds. A tree warden shall be qualified to perform the duties specified as demonstrated through adequate education, experience, or both, in arboriculture, ornamental horticulture, forestry, landscape maintenance, or other related fields. The city or town appointing a tree warden shall advise the division of forests and lands of such appointment and the division shall maintain a roster of tree wardens which shall be available to the public upon request.
II. As determined by the city or town, the duties of a tree warden shall be to help care for, maintain, protect, and perpetuate shade and ornamental community trees and shrubs in town public ways, village commons, parks, cemeteries, and other public grounds, and to advise the governing body from time to time as may be necessary to help accomplish that purpose. The town tree warden shall cooperate and work with other town agencies and officials in carrying out the intent of this chapter.

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