Parking Meters

Section 231:132-a

    231:132-a Parking Enforcement Provisions. –
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a municipality which installs parking meters pursuant to RSA 231:130, or which establishes other parking restrictions pursuant to RSA 41:11 or 47:17, or which seeks to enforce the stopping, standing and parking restrictions set forth in RSA 265:68-74, may utilize the following provisions in the enforcement of such parking restrictions and parking charges established through parking meters:
I. All violations of such parking restrictions and charges shall be deemed the responsibility of the registered owner of the vehicle. Such registration may be proven as set forth in RSA 261:60. Such registered owner shall be conclusively presumed to be in control of the vehicle at the time of the parking violation, and no evidence of actual control or culpability need be proved as an element of the offense. It shall be an affirmative defense that at the time of the infraction the vehicle was beyond the control of the registered owner as a result of a violation of RSA 262:12, 637:3 or 637:9 or a similar statute in another jurisdiction.
II. Municipalities may establish, by ordinance, systems for the administrative enforcement of parking violations and collection of penalties, to be utilized prior to the service of a formal summons and complaint. Such a system may be administered by a police department or other municipal agency. Such a system may include opportunities for persons who do not wish to contest parking violations to pay such penalties by mail. Such a system may also provide for a schedule of enhanced penalties the longer such penalties remain unpaid; provided, however, that the penalty for any separate parking offense shall in no case exceed the maximum penalty for a violation as set forth in RSA 651:2.
III. A written notice of violation containing a description of the parking offense and any applicable schedule of penalties, affixed to the vehicle at the time of the offense, shall be deemed adequate service of process on the vehicle owner for purposes of any administrative enforcement system established under paragraph II.
IV. If the administrative enforcement system established under paragraph II is unsuccessful at resolving alleged parking violations, or in the case of municipalities which have not established such a system, a summons may be issued as in the case of other violations of RSA title XXI, including the use of the procedure for plea by mail set forth in RSA 502-A:19-b. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a complaint and summons for a parking offense may be served upon the defendant by postpaid certified mail, return receipt requested. Return receipt showing that the defendant has received the complaint and summons shall constitute an essential part of the service. If service cannot be effected by certified mail, then the court may direct that service on the defendant be completed as in other violation complaints.

Source. 1993, 339:1, eff. Aug. 30, 1993.