Public Parking Facilities

Section 231:120

    231:120 Levying Assessments for Public Parking Facilities. –
I. The assessors of any municipality which has constructed public parking facilities, upon direction from the legislative body and in accordance with the plan adopted, shall assess in the manner provided in paragraph II of this section upon the owners or lessees of leasehold interests, whose lands receive special benefits therefrom, their just share of the cost of construction of the same. All assessments thus made shall be valid and binding upon the owners or lessees of such land. The funds collected from assessments shall be used solely for the construction of public parking facilities or for the redemption of bonds or notes issued by the municipality to obtain funds for the construction of public parking facilities, including funds paid to a housing authority for the construction of public parking facilities.
II. The plan may provide that assessments shall be made:
(a) At one time and assessments so made may be prorated over a period not exceeding the number of years which the plan shall provide to defray the construction costs of the public parking facilities; or
(b) From year to year upon the owners or lessees of leasehold interests at the time such assessment is made, their just proportion of the construction costs which shall become due in that year, including the amount of principal and interest due during the year on any bonds or notes issued to provide funds to pay such construction costs.

Source. RSA 252-A:7. 1969, 493:1. 1981, 87:1, eff. April 20, 1981.