Public Parking Facilities

Section 231:117

    231:117 Construction and Operation. –
Pursuant to a plan adopted under RSA 231:116 a municipality is empowered, subject to the fiscal and other pertinent requirements of law:
I. To construct or contract for the construction of public parking facilities and shall have the right to acquire or agree to acquire when completed in the name and on behalf of the municipality, public parking facilities being constructed or to be constructed as part of a structure which when completed may include facilities to be used for other than municipal purposes and to participate or agree to participate in the construction of such public parking facilities and to make payments on account of such construction; provided, however, that no such acquisition or agreement to acquire or participation or agreement to participate in such construction shall be permitted except with respect to public parking facilities to be constructed on land or air rights owned by or under lease to the municipality for a period of not less than 40 years from the date on which such facilities are to be constructed or acquired. Subject as aforesaid, municipality is empowered to equip, maintain and operate such facilities;
II. To establish and collect reasonable off-street parking fees; to control, manage and operate such other facilities as are contained in any building or upon any property in or upon which public parking facilities are provided;
III. To adopt rules and regulations governing the operation of public parking facilities;
IV. To lease the operation of public parking facilities to any individual, firm or corporation as the public interest may warrant.

Source. RSA 252-A:4. 1969, 493:1. 1981, 87:1, eff. April 20, 1981.