Public Parking Facilities

Section 231:115

    231:115 Definitions. –
Terms used in this subdivision shall have the meanings set forth below, unless a different meaning is clearly apparent from the language or context, or is otherwise inconsistent with the manifest intention of this subdivision:
I. "Public parking facilities" shall mean any lots, garages, parking terminals and other structures of one or more levels, facilities and accommodations for the parking of motor vehicles off the street or highway and open to public use with or without charge and all facilities appurtenant thereto including ancillary waiting rooms, lockers, space for concessions, stores, and offices, terminal facilities for trucks and buses, facilities for the servicing of motor vehicles and for the sale of gasoline, oil and other accessories; and said term shall include structures over or under other structures which other structures may be owned by or leased to a person or corporation and used in whole or part for other than municipal purposes; and said term shall also include streets and ways constructed for access to or egress from such public parking facilities.
II. "Cost of construction" shall mean and include the purchase price of any public parking facility, the cost of construction, the cost of all labor, materials, machinery and equipment, the cost of improvements, the cost of all lands, property, rights, easements and franchises acquired, financing charges, interest prior to and during construction, cost of plans and specifications, surveys and estimates of cost and of revenues, cost of engineering and legal services, and all other expenses necessary or incident to determining the feasibility or practicability of such construction administrative expense and such other expenses as may be necessary or incident to the financing herein authorized.
III. "Operating expenses" shall mean and include any costs related to the maintenance, operation and repair of public parking facilities and shall include, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, ordinary and usual expenses of maintenance and repair, engineering expenses relating to operation, maintenance and repair, insurance premiums after completion of construction, administrative and legal expenses after such completion and the reasonable cost of policing public parking facilities.
IV. "Municipality" or "municipalities" shall include any city or town in the state.
V. "Legislative body" shall mean the town meeting in towns and the mayor and aldermen in cities.
VI. "Governing board" shall mean the selectmen in towns and the mayor and aldermen in cities.

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