Section 231-A:8

    231-A:8 Liability Limited. –
I. All trails established under this chapter shall be deemed to constitute land open without charge for recreational or outdoor educational purposes pursuant to RSA 212:34 and RSA 508:14, I, and the liability of owners, lessees or occupants of land affected by a trail, and of the municipality establishing the trail, shall be limited as set forth in those statutes.
II. The liability of any person performing volunteer management or maintenance activities for or upon any trail established under this chapter, with the prior written approval of the body or organization with supervision over trail management pursuant to RSA 231-A:7, shall be limited as set forth in RSA 508:17, and such management shall not be deemed "care of the organization's premises" under RSA 508:17, IV.

Source. 1993, 60:2, eff. Jan. 1, 1994.