Planning and Laying Out Bicycle Routes

Section 230:75

    230:75 Commissioner of Transportation; Powers and Duties. –
In addition to the powers and duties of the commissioner of transportation under this title, the commissioner:
I. May expend the amounts necessary for the establishment, operation and maintenance of bicycle routes and lanes and may expend amounts necessary for bicycle paths or trails.
II. May acquire by purchase, gift or condemnation in accordance with the procedures established pursuant to this title and RSA 498-A, any real property or interest therein that shall be necessary or appropriate for the development of bicycle routes.
III. May enter into written cooperative agreements with landowners, federal agencies, state agencies, local governments, private organizations and individuals in order to provide for the development, maintenance, operation, location and relocation of a bicycle route.
IV. May publish and exhibit rules concerning the use of a bicycle route in accordance with the provisions of RSA 541-A.
V. May provide a uniform system of designating bicycle routes consistent with the purposes of this subdivision and submit bicycle route plans for inclusion in any highway plan, whether or not the highway plan is for new construction or reconstruction of an existing highway.
VI. May recommend construction standards for bicycle routes and determine priority of routes to receive state funding using the guidelines established by the bicycle study.
VII. May provide technical assistance, in conjunction with other public agencies, in planning and developing bicycle routes.
VIII. May assist and cooperate with regional planning commissions, municipal governments, other state agencies and citizens' groups in the development and construction of local and regional bicycle projects and in the application for any funds available for such projects.
IX. Shall evaluate the standards established for bicycle route construction or along the edges of rural highways in light of the economic, aesthetic, and environmental concerns. As part of his study the commissioner shall consider:
(a) The minimum improvement to the shoulder or road edge necessary to provide a travel lane of adequate width for safe maneuvering for bicycles.
(b) The minimum warrants that must exist to provide the construction of a separate bike path or trail.
X. Shall construct any bicycle route, lane, path or trail with suitable materials to provide a hard surface.

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