Limited Access Highways

Section 230:49

    230:49 Motorist Service Signing Program Established; Signs. –
I. The location of essential motorist services, including food, fuel, lodging, camping, and attractions, on connecting service roads within 3 miles of the intersection with the limited access highway, within 5 miles for a campground, within 20 miles for an attraction, or within one mile of the intersection in urban compact areas, may be indicated to users of the limited access facility by appropriate signs, the specifications of which shall be determined by the commissioner of transportation. The distance specified shall be measured by computing the travel length from the terminal of an exit ramp to the nearest point along the public highway where the nearest existing driveway entrance to the service is reached. Additional motorist service signs may be placed in advance of intersections on limited access highways.
II. Signs permitted under paragraph I may be rented for a fee established by rules adopted by the commissioner of transportation pursuant to RSA 541-A. Alternatively, the commissioner may contract with a private entity to administer the program; fees shall be in accordance with the contract and forwarded to the commissioner by the administering entity. The sum of the fees collected shall be sufficient to ensure the motorist service sign program is self-supporting.

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