Layout of State Highways

Section 230:18

    230:18 Method of Giving Notice. –
I. When the owner resides or lives within the state, notice shall be given to him in person or left at his abode or sent to him by certified mail.
II. When the owner does not reside or live within the state notice may be given to the person, if any, who has the care or possession of the land, or may be sent by registered mail to the owner's last known address.
III. If the owner is a person under guardianship or conservatorship notice shall be given to his guardian or conservator. If the owner is under any legal disability a guardian or conservator may be appointed.
IV. When the owner, or his residence, is unknown or uncertain, a copy of such notice, when posted in 2 public places in the city or town in which the land is situate, at least 14 days previous to hearing, shall be deemed sufficient notice to such owner.

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