Section 230-A:2

    230-A:2 Occasion for Layout. –
A layout authority may determine upon hearing whether there is occasion for the designation of one or more highway planning corridors. For class I or II highways, the location shall be proposed by the commissioner of the department of transportation. In making such determination the layout authority shall:
I. Identify public transportation needs for the present and foreseeable future.
II. Determine whether the public interest requires development restriction along proposed planning corridors.
III. Allow flexibility in planning the design of the highway.
IV. Consider methods to prevent disruption and relocation of residential neighborhoods, residences, and businesses and interference with utility facilities.
V. Determine the acquisition costs of subsequently developed property if a highway planning corridor is not established.
VI. Establish the termini and width of the proposed highway planning corridor.

Source. 1991, 309:2, eff. Jan. 1, 1992.