Section 230-A:1

    230-A:1 Definitions. –
In this chapter:
I. "Corridor protection restriction" means a deeded conservation restriction, as defined by RSA 477:45, I, which conveys to a unit of government having power to lay out highways the right to wholly or partially prohibit development on a described tract of land within a highway planning corridor for a limited time period stated in the restriction, not exceeding 10 years.
II. "Development" means the subdivision of land or erection or construction of any structures or improvements on such land, or expansions or additions to such land, or any other action which will appreciably increase the future cost of acquiring such land, if such acquisition is required for highway purposes.
III. "Development permit" includes subdivision or site plan approval, building or zoning permit, or any other permit required by a unit of government as a prerequisite to development.
IV. "Layout authority" means the governor and council or a commission appointed by the governor in the case of class I and II highways, or the mayor and aldermen of a city, selectmen of a town, or village district commissioners of a village district in the case of class IV or V highways.
V. "Highway planning corridor" means an area of land which has been designated as such under this chapter.
VI. "Return" means a written report of the highway planning corridor designation proceedings, including the findings of occasion, and a detailed map showing the boundaries of such corridor. Such return need not include a full metes and bounds description of the corridor boundary.

Source. 1991, 309:2, eff. Jan. 1, 1992.