Section 215-C:9

    215-C:9 Limitations of Snowmobile Operation on Class I, II, and III Highways. –
The provisions of RSA 236:56 shall apply to all snowmobiles as herein defined with the following exceptions:
I. Highway crossings for established snowmobile trails may be granted pursuant to RSA 215-C:2, VII.
II. No direct crossing of interstate highways, divided highways, or toll roads shall be permitted.
III. [Repealed.]
IV. Pursuant to RSA 215-C:2, VII, the commissioner of the department of transportation may issue written permission to the supervisor of the bureau to establish snowmobile trail crossings either under or over interstate, toll, or limited access highways.
V. The policy governing any snowmobile, trail connector, or trail crossing within class I, II, and III highway rights-of-way shall be as determined by the commissioner of the department of transportation.
VI. When travel by conventional motor vehicles is not possible during a period of emergency declared by the appropriate authority having jurisdiction, a snowmobile may be operated on any portion of an interstate highway, toll road, limited access highway, public highway, or any other restricted area; provided, that the operator of the vehicle has received the specific authority of an officer authorized to enforce the provisions of this chapter to so operate.

Source. 2005, 210:1. 2010, 253:3, 4, II, eff. Sept. 4, 2010.