Section 215-C:55

    215-C:55 Posted Land. –
I. An owner may post all or any portion of his or her land against use by a snowmobile. Such notices may read "SNOWMOBILES PROHIBITED" or may have in lieu of these words an appropriate sign with the designated symbol of sufficient size to be readable at a distance of 50 feet indicating that use of this land is prohibited for the purpose so specified. Whoever without right enters such land that has been so posted shall be guilty of a violation. Provided, however, that failure of an owner to post his or her land as provided in this section shall not be construed as granting any license to users of snowmobiles to enter said premises, nor shall said failure be construed as implying any duty of care to the user of a snowmobile by the owner.
II. It is recognized that snowmobile operation may be hazardous. Therefore, each person who drives or rides a snowmobile accepts, as a matter of law, the dangers inherent in the sport, and shall not maintain an action against an owner, occupant, or lessee of land for any injuries which result from such inherent risks, dangers, or hazards. The categories of such risks, hazards, or dangers which the snowmobile user assumes as a matter of law include, but are not limited to, the following: variations in terrain, trails, paths or roads, surface or subsurface snow or ice conditions, bare spots, rocks, trees, stumps, and other forms of forest growth or debris, structures on the land, equipment not in use, pole lines, fences, and collisions with other operators or persons.

Source. 2005, 210:1, eff. July 1, 2006.