Section 215-C:50

    215-C:50 Events. –
I. Any person, organization, or corporation who wishes to operate or to promote any snowmobile or OHRV event or contest involving the use of unregistered snowmobiles and OHRVs shall procure a permit from the executive director. The application for the permit shall be on an annual basis, shall include a listing of scheduled events, and shall be accompanied by an annual fee of $50. Participants in an event or contest shall not be required to register in New Hampshire, but shall operate under the provisions of the permit. Any such participant who is not registered in New Hampshire shall not operate away from the race course or contest area specified in the permit. Distribution of any fees collected under this section shall be as follows:
(a) The first $35 shall be appropriated to the department of natural and cultural resources for the administration of the bureau, and shall be used by the bureau for its grant-in-aid program pursuant to RSA 215-C:39, VII.
(b) From the balance, $7.50 shall be appropriated to the department of natural and cultural resources for administration of the bureau for the purposes listed in RSA 215-C:39, VIII or RSA 215-A:23, VII, and $7.50 shall be appropriated to the department of fish and game for the purposes specified in RSA 215-C:39, IX or RSA 215-A:23, VIII.
II. Unregistered snowmobiles may be operated as part of an organized, commercial snowmobile event or contest that takes place on property owned by the organizer of such event or contest, without a permit being obtained under paragraph I.
III. The snowmobiles training and driver's license requirements of RSA 215-C:49, I(b) and III or RSA 215-A:29, I(b) and III shall not apply to any person participating in an organized event or contest permitted under this section or in an event not requiring a permit as provided for in paragraph II.
IV. The provisions of RSA 215-C:49, I(a) and II shall not apply relative to any person under 14 years of age participating in an organized event or contest, where the organizer of the event or contest has obtained landowner permission and procured a permit from the executive director for such type of activity in the same manner and under the same terms as provided in paragraph I. The organizer of the permitted event or contest shall be responsible for maintaining conditions that have the effect of ensuring actual physical direction and control over participants under 14 years of age.

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