Section 215-C:47

    215-C:47 Reciprocity. –
I. The executive director may allow snowmobiles registered in another state or a Canadian province to operate in this state for up to 3 consecutive days during the winter. A snowmobile which is legally registered to operate in another state or province shall be deemed legally registered in this state for such period of time. The executive director shall coordinate the dates of this open weekend with the bureau of trails. The executive director's determination shall be final.
I-a. The executive director may, upon agreement with the state of Vermont or Maine, or both, adopt a regional snowmobile registration endorsement agreement to allow reciprocal snowmobile riding privileges in participating states. The procedures and fees for such registration endorsement shall be established by agreement of the participating states, and the fees proposed in such agreement shall be approved by the fiscal committee of the general court. The executive director may adopt rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, relative to procedures for the administration and enforcement of the regional endorsement agreement, the collection and use of funds generated by endorsement agreement fees, and periodic audits of endorsement agreement fees.
II. In order to operate any snowmobile granted reciprocity under paragraph I, such vehicle shall meet all equipment requirements and sound level decibel limitations which are mandated by RSA 215-C for snowmobiles registered in New Hampshire.

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